Team Singletrack Health at the YMCA run!

15 team members participated in the YMCA run in Marquette on Saturday, April 22, representing in every race! Several members took home some hardware:

Sam Dehlin: 2nd overall, Boys 1 mile run
Stella Dehlin, 2nd overall, Girls 1 mile run
Kara Graci: 1st overall, Women’s 5K
Ella Whalen, 3rd overall, Women’s 5K
Missy Whalen, 1st age group, 40-49 women’s 5K
June Link: 2nd overall, Women’s 10K
Dawn Lundin: 1st overall, Women’s 10 mile
Tauni Camilli: 3rd age group, 13-15 Women’s 5K
Tyler Jenema, 2nd overall, Men’s 10 mile
Chris Dehlin, 1st age group, 30-39, Men’s 10K
Jeremy Pletka. 2nd age group, 40-49, Men’s 10K