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Medical Practice Consulting

We offer medical practice consulting services to fit your custom needs.

The difference between good care and excellent care is in the 1,000 details that are attended to by practices that are excellent.  If it were easy, everyone would do this, but it isn’t easy…  It takes robust processes, engaged staff, and continuous rapid-cycle improvement to move from “good” to “excellent.”  Improvement is the heartbeat of the thriving practice as it will be able to adapt to the dynamic changes in health care.  We want to help you be excellent!


  • You are a provider that knows your practice can improve, but you need help identifying/implementing/operationalizing/maintaining these changes
  • You are a practice manager that wants to improve provider and staff morale by continuous positive change
  • You are an administrator that wants to increase revenue without adding significant staff
  • Your patients are frustrated by long waits (phone, waiting room, call-backs, referrals)
  • You are measuring your scanning backlog height in feet
  • You are constantly training new employees because of high employee turnover
  • Your practice hasn’t “embraced” the transition to EMR, even though it was years ago


  • We combine skills from manufacturing, customer service, Six Sigma, Terrain-Based Strategy mapping, population health, EMR templates, database reporting, financial measures, and leadership with excellent clinical skills and Lean private practice start-up experience to help you improve the care you provide.
    • Asses the Terrain – A practice assessment to understand current workflow, opportunities, and objective analysis
    • Map the Strategy – Working with practice staff to find the best opportunities (onsite)
    • Align and Engage – Providers, staff, managers, executives all need to be rowing together to optimize solutions (onsite)
    • Operationalize and Execute – Conference calls with involved staff to refine solution and implementation
    • Monitor and Sustain – Define metrics for measurement/improvement, self-sustainability


  • We offer medical practice consulting services to fit your custom needs.  Please contact us for more information Email us.
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Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO) consulting services

Please contact us for more information Email us.

  • Outpatient/Inpatient Electronic Health Record optimization
  • Database reporting for quality metrics
  • Meaningful Use
  • Continuous process improvement