COVID-19 Testing

We have been working with the Health Department to see/test patients for COVID-19. We are increasing the access to this to include patients that aren’t currently patients in our practice. We are determined to help our community by providing additional testing.

We are following the State of Michigan guidelines on priority of testing. Currently this includes anyone with symptoms of COVID-19, and some asymptomatic people.

  • To get started:
    • If you are a patient, please call our office.
    • If you are not a patient, please fill out this form.  YOU  DO NOT NEED TO CALL THE OFFICE.
  • Patients will be seen in the parking lot (in their vehicle) at the end of each day.
  • A $40 copayment will be collected via the form when scheduling the appointment, and insurance will be billed.  If your insurance company covers the service without a copay, then the $40 payment will be returned to you.
  • The appointment will be scheduled on the form.
  • Turn around time for testing is 1-5 days (currently). Most are back in 48 hours.
  • The testing is a Nasal-Pharyngeal swab (3″ long swab that is inserted into the back of the nose).